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‚ÄčThe Babka

‚ÄčThe secret to a babka cake is in its simplicity.
A butter and yeast dough with varied fillings create a comforting cake with a lot of love and history, especially in my childhood home. The original and most basic babka cake was a yeast cake with a cocoa and chocolate filling.
Since then, many other flavors have been developed and have become equally popular and successful. Fruit lovers can indulge in the apple-cinnamon or raspberry-cheese babkas, and the Middle Eastern favorite, which is gaining popularity everywhere, is filled with halva (sesame candy).
The babka cake is served in every Jewish household during celebrations and happy family events.Cafes and bakeries in Tel-Aviv and throughout the country serve babkas all week long, and they remain the most widely sold cakes in Israel despite the recent culinary advancements and wide variety of available desserts. In recent years, the babka cake is no longer just part of the classical Jewish kitchen. It has gained notoriety around the world. In Europe and the U.S., babka are sold in high-end stores, and in New York it is the most common cake within the Jewish population.